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Thermodyne Engineering Systems on 10 Boiler Safety Hacks You Should Know

By: Thermodyne Engineering Systems [1998] 0 Stars
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Time: 6:08:14 AM

Boiler room safety procedures must be exercised at all times by the boiler operator. Accidents can occur as a result of not following safety procedures or because of Industrial boiler equipment failure. If an accident occurs, the boiler operator must act quickly. Established emergency procedures will reduce the possibility of additional injuries and/or damage to equipment. All boiler room accidents must be reported regardless of their nature.

Boiler, being a fired pressure vessel, may be a potential hazard. Boiler operators and engineers should pay close attention to following safety devices for safe use:

1. Safety Valve: Prevents the boiler being operated above its maximum permissible working pressure
2. Water gauge glass: It is designed to verify the actual level of water in the system
3. Air vent Valve: It is designed to take out initial air
4. Blowdown Valve: It is designed to remove accumulated sludge out of boiler
5. Isolation Valve: It is designed to isolate safety devices i.e. mobrey, gauge glass etc. usually for maintenance or safety purpose
6. Feed Water check valve: It is designed to allow feed water to pass into the boiler and to prevent backflow of water from the boiler in event of pump failure
7. Steam Pressure gauge: It is designed to record the pressure at which steam is being generated in the boiler6
8. Water Treatment: It is done to reduce various losses and enhance life of boiler
9. Fusible Plug: It is designed to extinguish fire in event of water level in boiler shell falling below a certain specified limit
10. Steam Stop Valve: It is designed shut off or regulates flow of steam

Safety Rules

The boiler operator is the person responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the boiler. The boiler operator must develop safety habits to prevent personal injury, injury to others, and damage to equipment. Safety rules vary depending on the type and size of the plant. However, the basic safety rules listed are common to all boiler rooms.

1. Wear approved clothing and shoes in the plant at all times.
2. Wear gloves when handling hot lines or cleaning fuel oil burner tips.
3. Wear appropriate eye protection in all designated areas. Use hand shields when visually inspecting the furnace fire.
4. Wear goggles and respirators when cleaning the fire side of the boiler, breeching, or chimney.
5. Wear a hard hat when working where there is a possibility of head injury
6. Do not use hands to stop moving equipment
7. Store all oily rags or waste in approved containers to prevent fires caused by spontaneous combustion.
8. Only use approved safety cans to store combustible liquids.
9. Check all fire safety equipment on a regular basis to be sure it is in proper working condition.
10. Check fire extinguishers periodically for proper charge and correct location.
11. Do not use unsafe ladders or substitutes for ladders.
12. Ladders should never be used as bridges.
13. Do not leave loose tools on ladders, catwalks, tops of boilers, or scaffolds.
14. Do not carry tools in back pockets.
15. Do not throw a tool to anyone at any time.
16. Use the proper tool for the job.
17. Do not use defective tools.
18. Always secure and tag steam stop valves, bottom blowdown valves, and feedwater valves when a boiler in battery is removed from service for cleaning and inspection.
19. Never start any equipment that has been tagged out for safety reasons.
20. Make sure the equipment has been secured and tagged out before attempting to clean or repair.
21. Always use low voltage droplights when working in boiler steam and water drums.
22. Precheck all equipment for starting hazards.
23. Clean up liquid spills at once.
24. Move quickly and with purpose in emergencies but do not run.
25. Personally double check the plant and equipment before starting up or making repairs.
26. Make repairs on live equipment only in extreme emergencies.
27. Always report any unsafe condition in the plant to the immediate superior.

If you want to share any safety tip with us please comment & help us in creating safety awareness.

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superheated steam ideal gas
By: cmolanes@itba.edu.ar [50]

Mr. Pradeep:

Steam behaves well as an ideal gas if not too close to the saturation line if you place yourself on a Mollier chart, when the temperature and enthalpy lines coincide and are straight, horizontal lines, then it behaves as ideal, and this you can easily see on the chart.

I would rely though most on the steam values given by the chart or steam tables, because they are confident independently of the region , e.g. they stand both for ideal and real gas, but the ideal gas equation ....   Read All
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