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Jim Martini - Instructor - Power Engineering - Henry Ford Comm Coll on Boiler operator license

By: Jim Martini - Instructor - Power Engineering - Henry Ford Comm Coll 
Date: Thursday, August 07, 2003
Time: 12:00:00 AM

Hi Kenny - Thanks for your inquiry about the boiler operation program at HFCC - Yes we do have several totally on-line courses which are designed to prepare engineers and prospective engineers or boiler operators to take various license exams. Our courses include: MFMT 248 Power Engineering - 1st and 2nd Class Steam License Review Course (5 Credits) Provides information for taking first and second class steam license exams. MFMT 241 Power Engineering - Refrigeration License Review (5 Credits) - Provides information for taking most refrigeration operator license exams. MFMT 116 HP(& 3rd Class) Boiler Operation/Maintenance and License Prep Course (2 Credits) Provides information for those seeking a HP Boiler Operator's License or 3rd Class Steam License. MFMT 115 Boiler (LP) Heating Plant Operation & Maintenance (2 Credits) - An Introductory Power course which provides information for those seeking to enter the field and provides info for LP Boiler Operator's License. With the exception of MFMT 115 (no prerequisite) you should have the actual field experience required by license agency - which is necessary before you are allowed to take the exam - Most of the HFCC courses are designed for power engineers who have the required field experience and need to practice and study consistently to prepare for the exams - The courses provide sample test questions in exam format and allow students to take tests multiple times to assist in learning the material. You must arrange for your own testing at each license agency after completing the course - We do test 2-4 times per year at the college for NIULPE exams - if you need to take one of these. In regards to the difference between the HP Boiler License and the 3rd Class Steam License - The boiler license allows you to primarily operate boilers in boiler plants or heating plants where you will not find steam turbines for other similar types of apparatus - The 3rd Class Steam License provides additional exposure to steam using equipment such as steam turbines or engines, allowing you to operate more than just the boiler part of the plant. Rearding whether our program provides the necessary material to prepare for license exams and whether it is a good program - We have had a number of students utilize the course to prep for exams and were successful in obtaining licenses. -ONE CAUTION - If you have not taken an on-line course - keep in mind most of the study is self-directed and requires an initiative by exceptional individuals to be motivated and continue to study to maintain maximum benefit from such a program. Instructors are available regularly to assist - but on-line students must remain active on a regular basis to compete such a program! Good Luck on your path to enhanced training and on obtaining an advanced license - Let me know if I can help you further - Jim Martini

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