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What happens when water added to hot steam?

Sunday, January 22, 2017   By: P I [1983] 3 Stars
Just imagine a scenario where we have an amount of superheated steam in our hand. Water has been added to that by spraying. The superheated steam will be inside an enclosed container. What will happen then?
IMO, the water will suck the extra heat from the superheated steam and will be converted into steam itself. But that will lower the temperature but at the same time as the volume is fixed and the amount is increased, that means the pressure will increase too. If the amount of water will be sufficient, then all the water wouldnt be converted into steam. Rather at teh equilibrium, we will get a mixture of saturated steam and water. But, the pressure at the end will be higher than the starting. In short, we will get higher pressure saturated steam from low pressure superheated steam.
Thats my opinion and I want to know from others here how much correct I am.

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Friday, February 03, 2017   By: Vince B [2074] 0 Stars
Assuming the steam in your hand is be contained, like in a pressure vessel.
When you add water presumably at room temp, the water will cool the steam. It will lose superheat and the pressure will drop. Yes, the added water will be heated, but the combined mixture will not increase in pressure. The pressure will only get higher if at the end, the water you are pushing into the vessel is a higher pressure than what you started at.
Note that is this were to be a continuous process, like desuperheating on the outlet of a pressure reducing valve or steam turbine, the answer is different.

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Saturday, February 04, 2017   By: P I [1983] 3 Stars
I have mentioned in the starting that the amount of water is small. Therefore, if the extra heat will add to the water, it will become steam itself and that will add to the total amount and if the volume is fixed, how can pressure decrease? Its beyond logic. What you are saying can only be true if the amount of water will be huge and that will suck all the extra heat from the superheated steam but wouldnt convert into steam.

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Thursday, February 09, 2017   By: Vince B [2074] 0 Stars
I do not see where you stated it was a small amount of water.
Give some values for all your conditions and well see how it ends up with thermodynamics.

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Thursday, February 09, 2017   By: Vince B [2074] 0 Stars
It turns out, its not going to matter. When you have a fixed volume and this is the key, the cold water is much more dense than steam. The slight cooling of the superheated steam is enough to drop the volume it would have taken up at the same pressure. With volume of the overall mixture being equal, the pressure will drop. Steam has high BTUs but very little mass relative to cold water which has hardly any relative BTUs and is very dense. In the combination in a fixed volume, the pressure drops. Even a drop of water.

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Friday, February 17, 2017   By: P I [1983] 3 Stars
What I want to know is what I have guessed is correct or not. IMO, the cold water will absorb heat from the superheated steam and itself will turn into steam. That will at the same time reduce the temperature of the steam but also increases its volume as the water is being converted into steam. With proper calculation, it can be calculated how much water can be added to the superheated steam to make it saturated.
You have forgot one thing that as the temperature of steam will fall, but the temperature of the water too will rise. For a small amount of water 1%-5%, a large section of the water will itself converted to steam and the process will continue until both the water and steam will come to an equilibrium i.e. the steam will become saturated and the vapour pressure will be the same as that of water at that temperature.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017   By: Vince B [2074] 0 Stars
The cold water does turn into steam.
Yes, the amount of water to make it saturated can be calculated. This is done all the time when looking at desuperheaters to make sure you do not go to saturation because you do not want to start filling a steam pipe with water. Thats when bad things happen.
I have not forgotten anything. I did the calculations using basic thermodynamics. I gave you the answer which you do not like.

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Thursday, March 02, 2017   By: P I [1983] 3 Stars
The problem with your answer is not that whether I liked it or not. But rather its not complete. As the temperature will fall, the volume will increase.

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Thursday, March 02, 2017   By: cndesu [2126] 0 Stars
The density of water and steam at a pressure is important. I think the discussion is just going offside. As said earlier, without numbers like the amount of steam, pressure, temperature, superheated or saturated condition and your incoming water status, like amount and temperature conditions. Just putting one drop of water the latent heat of vapourization is way higher than sensible heat. So you have to understand that. At 150 psi saturated hot liquid dropped to atmospheric pressure, you know how much will evaporate, it will be just 13%.

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superheated steam ideal gas
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Mr. Pradeep:

Steam behaves well as an ideal gas if not too close to the saturation line if you place yourself on a Mollier chart, when the temperature and enthalpy lines coincide and are straight, horizontal lines, then it behaves as ideal, and this you can easily see on the chart.

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