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Steam Drum Safety lifting first...

Friday, January 05, 2018   By: Mike [2216] 0 Stars
Why would a steam drum safety valve lift before the superheater safety valve?

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Sunday, January 07, 2018   By: Jim Watts [764] 5 Stars
Drum Safety lifting can occur if the boiler is overloaded causing high pressure drop over the superheater due to higher flow than designed, you need to reduce outlet pressure if you are doing this and need to overload.
If the lifting is occuring with a shutoff of boiler load the settings are uncoordinated and this is a very serious problem as firing can continue with no flow in the superheater and damage will be a very shot time to occur.

Setting of safety valve blowdown can sometimes result in the lifting occuring in the correct order but the closing of the drum occuring later than the superheater. This should also be watched out for as the same problem can arise.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018   By: Mike [2216] 0 Stars
Thanks for your response Jim.

The boiler is an older unit and not overloaded as far as steam flow is concerned. She is a 400psi boiler rated for 100 000lb/hr although it is typically operated between 60-70k Ib/hr. Whats happening is when we increase our 600/400 PRV which feeds into the 400# main closer to 400psi, the boiler drum safety tends to lift without the superheater safety lifting.
All safeties were inspected & set summer 2017.

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Friday, January 19, 2018   By: Jim Watts [764] 5 Stars
If the settings have been set correctly and I will take that to be true, then the drum safety will lift if there is a pressure drop across the superheater that should not be there.
You have discounted overload but have introduced dynamic changes in pressure from the PRV.
I will discount superheater fouling from water treatment but you may have temporary pressure drop due to slugs of water from the drum level or a temperature controller that splits steam flow flow with a sticky valve .
Sometimes a steam leak from a gland can impinge on the safety valve spring and alter its setting due to temperature.

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VWO, BMCR, TMCR, Full Load and Base Load
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MCR is maximum continuous rating.

BMCR is the Boiler MCR, TMCR is the turbine MCR

VWO is valves wide open and at normal pressure allows the turbine to exceed TMCR by 5-10 percent

Full load is not fixed but means the turbine has reached it intended maximum

Base Load is also a flexible number and means the turbine will not be operated below that figure. It is mostly used in power system scheduling where the cheapest plants run fully loaded and are referred to as base load plants. O....   Read All
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